Monday, August 3, 2009

{the 80's are back}

The latest update from our RockStar summer intern:

I’ve had “Girls just want to have fun” stuck in my head for the last week or so. Belting it out in the shower, rocking out to it on my Ipod, hoping there’s a techno version that will play during aerobics class. It’s been all over my psyche. I don’t know why. I’ve got a hunch that it might possibly be kind of connected to the girls. I blame them. They could probably teach Cyndi Lauper a thing or two because; well, these girls know how to have fun. They are simply always laughing. I thought I laughed a lot. I met my match-they outsmile, outlaugh, completely outdo me. It’s quite tiresome to try to compete.

We got to spend a day on the town (Kampala that is) on a massive fabric shopping spree. When I told them about our outing they were ecstatic to say the least. Shrieks of joy and giggles followed by a scurry for cute outfits so they could look their best on our shopping adventure. I asked the girls if they could handle Kampala, and Rebecca responded, “I know we can handle Kampala… the question is can Kampala can handle us?” (side note: I really really really love these girls. Especially during moments like this.)

We went into town in style, walking down a dirt road and running for cover from the dust whenever a truck would pass by, boarding matatus (think old school mini van with 15 Ugandans crammed inside), hopping on boda bodas (think jumping on the back of a Ugandan’s motorcycle for 50 cents and weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds to reach your destination). There wasn’t a dull moment to say the least. We had a great time in Kampala. The girls loved being away from Matugga and just being in the city for the day. Every chance they got they told me how much fun they were having (as if the all smiles weren’t testimony enough). I think my favorite moment of the day was on the matatu ride home. We were all trying to eat ice cream and the matatu was bouncing around like crazy, hitting every pot hole so that none of us could get our spoons in our mouths. We had failed attempt after failed attempt of getting that ice cream in our mouths. We all just started laughing, harder and harder with every bump we hit. Most of the ice cream melted before we could eat it.

We arrived home with absolute perfect timing. Literally, the second we stepped foot inside their room, it started pouring down rain. It was a deafening roar of rain on the tin roof so we all just huddled together in the room, smiling and just being together. Dancing with no music. Singing with no radio. Laughing about…. nothing. Having fun with… nothing. Take that Cindy Lauper. We wrote the book on having fun.

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