Wednesday, August 12, 2009

{another great excuse to visit Portland}

It has been on my list of places to go. Now even more people to see!

I had the pleasure of meeting KJ of Global Sistergoods last week. Here are a couple of things that are neat-o about this company:

1.) Started by sisters. That's just fun. (Alex, if you are reading this, take note. I WILL hunt you down upon college graduate to work with me.)

2.) Great vision. Global Sistergoods looks for and sells beautiful handmade work from women all over the globe.

3.) They are based in Portland. Which to a Midwesterner like me, means automatic neat-0 points. Sigh.

4.) She likes beer and coffee. And if I go to Portland I will join her for a little of both.

Please take a second to check out their website. There is just a lot of great stuff from home decor to clothing to gifts.

It was so refreshing and encouraging to chat with KJ about her adventures in Not-Just-For-Profit business. Great to know that it CAN be done. But also to be forewarned that two years down the road I will still probably be in hyper-learning-oh-my-gosh-what-am-i-doing?? mode.

Please check out their website. And their blog that features a recent interview with Sseko!

If you think they are as nifty as I do, let them know!

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