Saturday, May 2, 2009

{...happy feet...}

a new, happy, morning on the Sseko front!

Sseko sandals are finally, actually, really for sale!

last night was awesome. i sat around a house with lots of friends, trying on sandals, looking at pictures of the Sseko girls in Uganda. we laughed about how fiery Rebbecca is and Mercy's funny way of saying, "Oh my!" to just about everything.

i just can't tell you how exciting it is, to see others get excited about the very thing i am so passionate about. my friend Molly, oh gosh, she just gets so excited about the vision of Sseko. she wore her new shoes last night and at one point squealed with delight and said,

"oh! i feel like they are a part of me! i feel like i know these girls!"

we kind of laughed at Molly in her squeals of delight, but really, what she expressed is something that speaks volumes about the way we want to change the way people see their "stuff".

we all know people have the propensity to be quite attached to their stuff. it's why people park their fancy cars in the back of the lot where no one will scratch it. it's why awkward tension exists between roommates when she asks to borrow that one dress. it is why the American consumer is arguably one of the most powerful forces in our world right now.

we protect our "stuff" because they tell people a lot about who we are. we feel connected to our belongings sometimes to the point where they feel like a part of ourselves.

what if we strove, not necessarily to get rid of that connectedness, but to change why we feel that way? last night, Molly was so proud of those sandals. and she felt connected to them, attached to them, because she knows exactly how her wearing those sandals is directly changing the lives of Mercy, Mary, and Rebbecca. she knows the story of her stuff, and she is proud of it.

our website should be up and running really soon, but until then, if you want to get your Ssekos (we only have about 60 left in the states!) for $40, you can email me at with your shoe size, address and color choice, and we can send them to you right away!!

here is a look at what we have a currently have available...

keep in mind that these will change, as the fabrics are never the same at the local if you see one you like, get it while we have it!!

{popeye green}






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  2. Well hello, little Ms. Warren Buffett! I wish there was a more personable way of finding you, but I'm so glad I stalked your new blog through Kate's blog post! Oh, technology. Let me know when/if you make design sandals for your male counterpart, b/c I'd like a pair.

    Shameless self-promotion alert:
    I read you want to start an ad agency; if you need a copywriter, then check out my portfolio at to see if I'm up to snuff.

    Best of luck,
    See you at your wedding!