Tuesday, May 12, 2009

{...oh joy!!...}

this made my day yesterday:

walking through the parking garage to get to the bank and i was stopped by two 9 yr old (ish) boys. their joy was BUBBLING over as they both (simultaneously) told me about how they just found two four leaf clovers. and something about how they chased a chipmunk ("did you know chipmunks are good luck?!?! well they are.") and it lead them to the four leaf clovers!!! before i could say much they were off to go use their good luck.

oh man. it just literally made my day.

THEN today, I got a little four leaf clover of my own, in my inbox.

Tyler sent a little video of the Sseko girls.

they are getting ready to apply to university...(YAY!!!) and we decided that as a bonus to reward them for all their awesome work, we would pay for their application fee...

this was their response:

oh joy!


P.S. At one point Tyler's computer told him the video would upload in 6 days. Oh, Uganda :)

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  1. so pumped to see all of this coming to fruition!