Tuesday, May 19, 2009

{...summer lovin...}

i am pretty thrilled to tell everyone about some exciting summer news for Sseko. think about all the things that make you feel gooey and happy about summer. for me this consists of:

1.) the sandlot
2.) lime popsicles
3.) death defying rope swings on hinkson creek
4.) summer sleds (my first viable invention: a skateboard with a sled duct taped to it--then someone stole my idea AND NAME and started selling it on Nickelodeon, but I digress...)

now, the only thing that is better than a conglomerate of all this summer happiness is....

Sseko's first summer intern...traveling to Uganda!!!

kelley schwartz is the first official international Sseko intern. kelley is a senior at the University of Missouri. she is a little fire-cracker with a heart for traveling, social justice and love.

all things Sseko loves.

she will be going to live in Uganda this summer to help with all things Sseko. we will be keeping you up-to-date on all the exciting happenings (and likely, mishappenings) when kelley embarks on this adventure.

the most exciting part of starting Sseko has been the amount of people who want to be a part of the Sseko movement. artists and excel-types and everything in between. it is fun to see that manifest in people who are excited about being a part of our vision...even if that means hopping continents and getting a couple of immunizations.

it is important as we continue to grow and share our story, that people stay connected to the heart of Sseko. i couldn't be more excited to send kelley to uganda. i am excited about the way she will be changed when she experiences first hand the women and the culture that i have grown to love so much.

it just makes me a happy happy clam to think about the way Sseko is providing opportunities for young, American college students to connect with young, Ugandan, university students.

these bridges are what Sseko is all about.

we invite you to use your paintbrush, your excel-equations and your storytelling to build bridges with us.


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