Friday, February 5, 2010

{even better than a new pencil case}

Dear Internet,

Please take as much delight in these photos as I did. These are a snippit of the new life and adventure that Rebecca is embarking on! Although we will so miss working with Rebecca on a day-to-day basis we could not be happier to see her settling in to her new life at University!! (If you own a pair of Ssekos, those awesome straps were sewn by Miss Rebecca. The girl has a knack for sewing straight lines on a manual sewing machine. It is WAY harder than it looks with the pedal and all. Trust me, I tried.)

Rebecca is just stellar. I first met her at the girl's school when she was doing a performance of spoken word piece that she had memorized. People, it was captivating. She has such a sage passion and articulates it so beautifully that you can't help but be a little awed.

I am so confident that with a university education backing her, Rebecca will be a powerful force of leadership and change for her country. If you are wearing your Ssekos right now, please take a minute to thank yourself for being a part of Rebecca's life and education.

Now, enjoy a few "snaps" of Rebecca at school!

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