Friday, February 5, 2010

{strike a pose}

Alright, if you haven't already, you need to make your way over to our wedding page. Not planning on getting hitched? Doesn't matter. Unless you are a beauty-hater you are going to love the new images of our Sseko wedding sandals. The photographer for this shoot was Ashlie Fulmer from Bradenton, Florida. (So if you ARE getting married in Florida, you need to call her! or visit Ashlie is so talented and SO GRACIOUSLY volunteered to do this awesome shoot for Sseko.

I've actually never even met Ashlie, but she sent me an email asking how she could contribute and when I said "Well, actually…(crossing my fingers and holding my breath)" she agreed and went absolutely ABOVE AND BEYOND.

Ashlie got some local florists to donate flowers for the shoot and rounded up some BEAUTIFUL ladies and did a wedding shoot. It was a full day of hard work, and I just couldn't be more thankful! I'll be posting more of the images from their day of modeling in the gallery section…(some I can't post yet because they are of a REAL, LIFE, bride to be and we can't let her man see her all did up before the big day...)

oh, and you can also see them…

in the December issue of KC Wedding Magazine! Woo!

Three cheers for Ashlie and the lovely ladies here.

It's people like Ashlie (and probably you if you are faithful reader of this blog) that just make me down right giddy about the Sseko movement. I love dreaming about the lives of the women in Uganda. But gosh, it is also so fun to be a part of a growing community right here at home that are loving women across the globe.

just. plain. neat.

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